Our Vision is to Provide Every Indian an Innovative and Advanced Digital POST BOX (Digital communication Channel) , First of it’s kind in the World.


Provisons for verification of all Users with KYC/Aadhar. It will be the Deterrent to Anti Social / Criminal elements against using the Communication platform.


Provide Every Indian a secure and organic Digital card, for giving a Digital Identity , again , first of it’s kind.








About Us

KPOST is a different take on how communication will have to evolve. KPost brings to your screen, a multi-dimensional, bouquet of services, to enable seamless and multi-platform communication. We, here at KPOST would like to now, uncomplicate. Reaching out to your near and dear will never be the same, ever again.

Let's Katchup !

Facts that Make us Unique

A Comprehensive, Integrated Communication Platform offering Mailing, Messaging, Calling, Directory Services, Digital Payments, Social Media, Classifieds, E-Commerce, Broadcast, Calendar, Cloud Storage and Digital Bookings. Completely Secured with end-to-end Encryption.

Data Security

1. End-to-end data encryption
2. Encryption Standard followed: RSA256 Public Key Cryptosystem
3. 2-tier Encryption Process ensures impenetrable protection
4. Multi-type Encryption Methods for different KPOST modules to ensure Data security

Quick and Reliable Communication

Having a Reliable, Efficient, Scalable Cloud Services as backbone, KPOST is one of the quickest and Reliable communication platforms that are available today in the World.

Server Maintainence

KPOST has one of the Best Reliable and Scalable cloud service Provider as one of it’s partner. So the Users can be assured of complete Safety, Security and Redundancy of Servers where the data is stored.

Lifetime Access

Once the User has signed up with KPOST, He is served by KPOST with it’s enchanting and engaging modules through out his life .

Multi- Platform Support

KPOST can be accessed from any platform like Android, iOS and from any popular Web browser like Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Live Support

Assured 24*7 Connectivity
24*7 Customer Support from Dedicated team of Channel partners.
Online FAQ and manuals for KPOST features.


Register & Move on..

An Exclusive Digital Identity with a shareable Digital Card. A complete suite of integrated communication, payments and other ’Must Have’ services.

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Users will not have any need to look beyond KPOST for any of their Daily digital communication and requirements.


Small Closed Communication. Caters to the needs of Small Enterprises up to 100 users. Simple Lightweight Administrator Setup.


Medium Enterprise Closed Communication. For the Enterprises with users up to 1000. Standard Administrator Setup .


Big Enterprise Closed Communication. For All Enterprises with staff beyond 1000. Robust Administrator Setup which allows Admin Hierarchy on Location, Department as per need.

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